Cashback 2006 ★★★★

Most of the reviews I read about this film talk about the fact that there's some nudity. That's really not the point of this lovely little gem, though. There's a very gentle aesthetic here, some beautiful cinematic flourishes and a few interesting and original scene fades that convey the sense of time's fluidity.

Cashback deals with themes of love, beauty and the arbitrariness of time's supposed linear progress. There is some soft time travel, but not in the sci-fi sense. It's definitely a fantasy film, with a strong emphasis on romance and a gentle current of comedy, but I wouldn't call it a rom-com.

I'd definitely recommend Cashback. It's quirky, fun, and delightfully British. And there are loads of absolutely smashing tits.

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  • I enjoyed it more the first time round, but it's still a nice enough little romantic comedy. Need to try and track down the original short film version of it.

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