It's Kind of a Funny Story 2010 ★★

Zach Galifianakis is everywhere these days!

My theory is that Seth Rogan's agent was on the phone, talking about Zach's awesome talent, and all the simpering motherfuckers in the waiting room immediately ran off to recruit the unsuspecting chump into their sack-of-shit movies.

This movie is listed in the comedy section of iTunes, and even the title suggests that it might be "kind of funny". It isn't.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest deals with some of the same issues, but does so with more humour.

This movie is shit balls. Avoid.


  • Hahahaha this review is 100% accurate, true story

  • I call him Zack Canofpotatoes, and you are right, he is everywhere at the mo. Sort of wonder if he might be Australian...

  • Apparently it's because he has no agent, although I can't see how that would help...

  • 2 stars is 'shit balls'? shouldn't 2 stars be 'slightly below average'?

  • I think the star rating is supplementary, not complementary to the review text. They mean different things, and can be unrelated. The review text is a description of my experience, and the star rating is more or less a score of the quality of the film.

    This was adequately shot and lit, the dialogue was audible, the story was mostly coherent and the costumery wasn't inappropriate. There are far worse films. Shit balls would be high praise for some films I've seen.

    I think a budding film maker could certainly learn a lot from studying this one. It's competently created, but the promise of the title is not fulfilled, and ultimately it falls short on its primary purpose - to entertain.

    Also, I was in a bad mood when I wrote the review, and was probably experimenting with a new, sweary style. A bit embarrassing, but I was still finding my legs.

  • Alright. :>

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