The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus 2009

Terry Gilliam always makes shit movies.

He made this movie.

It's shit.


  • I liked this film... while I was watching it with the sound off. It's pretty. It's greatly improved by applying the Chinese Period Drama Soap Opera viewing method to it - where I have no idea what the characters are saying, but construct my own story from the actions and expressions on the characters faces.

  • I was about to trash-talk this review, but then I read your subsequent comments and you were much more eloquent and reasonable. I come from the opposite end of the spectrum, and love insane Terry Gilliam movies for completely objective reasons. I can overlook massive problems with films only because they have an insane anarchy about them - it's like the rules of what a movie is supposed to be don't apply, and that's what I love. What we have in common is that we both have unreasonably strong reactions to them :P

  • I suppose if your initial review wasn't so galling, people wouldn't comment and produce great conversations :P

  • Cool!

    This thread is still alive! Kudos to Letterboxd for not executing Karl von Randows order (several posts above): "To promote harmony and freedom of choice we have now closed this comment thread."
    Because "harmony" and "freedom of choice" cannot coexist simultaneously of course, that would be a paradox. But I don't have to point that out to the readers of this thread because this profound and divine message of universal truth was masterfully translated to be interpreted by us regular folks by Terry Gilliam in his screenplay and subsequent movie picture "Brazil" released upon the general populace in the year MCMLXXXV.

    On there other hand... I liked "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" better than "12 monkeys" so statistically you should probably ignore everything I say.

  • @Aaron thanks for persevering. The review is terse and deliberately inflammatory. Back when we started the site, only a few friends were reading our reviews, and this is kind of a jab at Matt Buchanan, one of the designers of the site (and the guy who originally came up with the idea for letterboxd). He's a big Burton fan and also loves a lot of Gilliam's work. He and I have always had interesting conversations about films, and I was hoping to get him involved with another long back and forth. I was planning to test the performance of the site when displaying long comment threads. I didn't expect so many early beta testers to see the review or participate so actively.

    What I really love about this thread is the amount of respect that folks have demonstrated. Film lovers seem to enjoy the controversy as much as the original viewing. That tells me that we built the site right.

    @Fred - Karl is a genius, but he's also a naughty troll. Ignore his comments :-) Also bear in mind that if he really wanted the ability to close comments in a thread, it would have been me writing the code to implement that feature... and I would have made an exemption for this thread just to annoy him. Did I mention that I'm also a troll?

    Also, your point is well made. I shall watch Brazil ASAP.

  • Well, now my bubble is burst. I love a display of unreasonable prejudice, and now I find you've just been an agent provocateur. A Gilliamist after all. Hot damn, the man himself would mutter into his beer.

  • @aaron: for sure. I'd rather watch an interesting but flawed film that a trite bit of nothing. The Fountain is a good example of an interesting film that doesn't quite gel, but has scenes in it that I'm still mulling over. Also (?)What dreams may come -- also a failure but an interesting one.

  • What Dreams May Come \o/ man i have to try and get the blu-ray of that some day.

  • Vincent Ward has some interesting films in his cabinet. I really liked Vigil and A State of Siege (student film) which was based on the short story by Janet Frame. He did another interesting film, also set on a farm in New Zealand, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.

  • Actually I've got it all wrong! Navigator is the film I was meaning for Vigil and vice-versa. D'oh.

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