Blue Valentine 2010 ★★★★

I usually hate these sundance indie films but this one was really good particularly do to such strong acting from Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.

Side note: How does this get an NC-17 rating when something like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo gets an R? Anyone that follows me on here knows I obviously have nothing against violent films I just find it interesting.


  • Did you think that the film made you side with Gosling rather than Williams?

  • @FilmApe I certainly sided with Gosling, particularly at the end. But I did watch this post Drive which sparked a big man crush on the fella so it's somewhat bias from the start.

  • Honestly I was pretty neutral on both. I liked this more than I thought I would for sure.

  • I think it does make you side with Gosling.

    And wow, I watched this a few weeks ago and I completely forgot that it was NC-17, but now that you mention it I do remember knowing it when it was released. Completely ridiculous rating. I think you can guess which scene is the "reason"

  • @Sam Powell/grooveman: I was totally on the side of Gosling the entire film. They should have made him more of a drunk & less of a decent father.

    @Rick Dabagian: The scene your referring to is the ukelele scene, right? That was pretty steamy.

  • According to imdb...

    The MPAA originally rated the movie NC-17, but after public allegations of using a double-standard to rate portrayals of sex on-screen, the organization agreed to hear an appeal. Upon review, the MPAA unanimously agreed that the film should receive an R rating. Had the appeal not been granted, it's possible this would have been the first NC-17-rated film to get an
    Academy Award nomination since Henry & June, and the first for acting.

  • Cool Stephanie! and I agree with Filmape, Damn sexy ukelele playing!!! That must of what made the MPAA initially rate this NC-17 haha!

  • I used to not really like Michelle Williams but with this and Meek's Cuttoff she's starting to win me over.

  • I enjoyed this film as well. The performances make it in my opinion.

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