Bronson 2008 ★★★★★

Fucking Brilliant!! Tom Hardy's performance in this is seriously my favorite performace by any actor in any film. I can't express the love I have for this film. If you haven't seen this yet please do yourself a favor and watch this. You can thank me later.


  • "I got a librarian up here, and he's in a lot of trouble."

  • Eventhough I've seen this more than fifteen times, I still need a rewatch.

  • Nice double bill with Clockwork Orange. That's a lot of fantastic music.

  • I gotta watch it again myself. Hardy will find it hard to top himself in this one!

  • 100% agree with everything mentioned here. This is the film that I discovered my love for Tom Hardy and Nicolas Winding Refn. Since then I've explored both of their resumes and have not been disappointed by any of it.

  • @Filmape. I rank this so high on my favorite film list because it's a film I feel I could watch everyday for a month and still laugh and not get tired of it. It was a great double feature with Clockwork Orange for sure. I was actually gonna try to do Natural Born Killers also but it was really late.

    @Ray and Richard. I agree completly with both your comments.

  • Sorry Robert I called you Richard. I'm a dumbass!!

  • @Robert: What other T. Hardy films are out there? I think I've only seen him in Inception, and a Brit tv version of Wuthering Heights.

  • This is his best performance in Bronson, other films he is outstanding in (which are alot) are Wuthering Heights as you mentioned, another Brit mini-series called "The Take", Stuart: A life Backwards, a small but important role in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and I personally thought he was very good in Warrior even though Nick Nolte did overshadow him a little. I also seen him in another BBC mini-series called The Virgin Queen, he was good but the series itself was not so great. And of course his roles in much more fan fare genre work like Rock N Rolla, Inception and the recent Rom Com "This Means War", He is always a good actor but these roles do not showcase much of his talents as the films I mentioned in the beginning.

  • Inception showcases Hardy's skills extremely well, as he's playing a suave action hero, which is different than the violent/charisma he showcases in Bronson, and the gruff/brooding performance he gives in Warrior. Oh and I also think This Means War should never be mentioned on Letterboxd ever again. That film is a cinematic monstrosity.

  • Inception showcases none of its actor's performances, the main thing that sticks out in that film is the dream weaving story and the visuals. I'm actually very surprised that people consider that to be his breakout role when to me its a minor and forgettable one (not due to anything he did wrong but the part itself is only a minor one, Leo and Joseph Gordon Levitt , Ellen Page and Marion Cotilard had much more screen time and presence).

    And I agree This Means War is a terrible film but I still went to see that in theaters strictly for Tom Hardy and you know what he made it somewhat worth it.

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