Fantastic Mr. Fox 2009 ★★★★½

Fantastic Indeed!


  • My favorite animated film.

  • It's easily my favorite animated film also.

  • I'll throw in a third vote for favorite animated film - absolutely adore this film. Nightmare Before Christmas is right up there for me too.

  • I guess I'll be the bad guy on this one. I just thought it was OK. I'd heard tons of good things about it before I watched it, but after viewing it I felt disappointed because I wanted to like it much better than I did. It's not a bad film just more of a let down for me.

  • a fanatstic film that only gets better with every re-watch, easily in the top of Wes Anderson creations.

  • @Ron. Have you only watched it once? Usually I don't enjoy hyped up films until I give them a rewatch. Valhalla Rising is a perfect example.( I know it wasn't really a hyped film but I personally had it hyped because of my love for Bronson) I only liked it the first time I watched it and I now consider it one of my all time favorites.

  • @grooveman Yeah I've only seen it once. I'll probably watch it again someday because what you describe has happened to me before. My best example would be Mulholland Dr I hated it back when it came out, but I watched it again recently and loved it.

    On a side note I just recently watched both Bronson and Valhalla Rising due to my love of Drive and I enjoyed them both.

  • @Ron. Mulholland Dr is unreal.

  • @grooveman You're right about that and that's why I love it.

  • @ claire. It's awesome! My favorite Wes Anderson film.

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