The Innkeepers 2011 ★★★★½

Even better after a second viewing. Everything in this film is great. The sound is amazing, the shots are great and Sara Paxton is perfect in this. Easily one of best films I've seen so far in 2012 and one of my favorite horror films period. After this re-watch I think this is even better than House of The Devil which I also loved.


  • I'm with you one hundred percent.

  • Also, I really like the fact that Ti West writes real roles for his female leads. Two of the best female performances ever are Jocelin Donahue in THOTD and even more so Sara Paxton in The Innkeepers. West is not hung up on just making sure his actresses have tig ole' bitties and are shown in states of undress. I love him for that.

  • Dude totally! I was thinking while watching this that Ti West is kinda the Tarantino of the horror genre. Both are obviously huge nerds and both write amazing characters for women.

  • Redact the part where I say that there two of the best female performances ever. There two of the best performances ever regardless of gender.

  • One of my favorite scenes of all time is when Jocelin Donahue is dancing around the house to "One Thing Leads to Another". Also Tom Noonan just generally creeps me out. I need to watch House of the Devil soon!!

  • I totally agree, both West and Tarantino know that in order to write great dialogue for their actresses, they simply just have to give them great dialogue. It's that easy.

  • I agree again, that scene in THOTD is absolutely fantastic.

  • Tom Noonan automatically makes any movie better.

  • Glad this is getting the support it deserves from a lot of people. Went in to it with really high expectations and it met them. Definitely my best Horror of the year so far and yes, Paxton (and the writing of her character) is awesome.

  • @filmintel. Have you seen The Loved Ones yet? It's my favorite film so far this year. I think it was released a few years ago outside of North America.

  • I've not no, but I'll add it to my rental list now.

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