The Wind That Shakes the Barley 2006 ★½

"Oh my God! I'm so bored!" - Eric Cartman.

First film of the Letterboxd film festival!

Sorry friends but I didn't dig this film at all. I struggled to get through this film more than any film in recent memory. I didn't care what happened to anyone by the end of this film. This film reminded me of one of those "a part of our heritage" commercials stretched out into a two hour film. The acting and directing wasn't bad necessarily but it felt so painfully average that no performances really stood out in any way. I love the idea of this festival and I hope I enjoy the other films more than this one. I saw The Square when it first came out and I kinda loved it so I'm excited to rewatch that one.


  • You were bang on when you said it reminded you of one of those "a part of our heritage" commercials. I had a similar thought when watching.

  • Can't say that I'm entirely surprised, had a feeling you would be with FilmApe on this one ;) still, it's cool to get different perspectives on the film. I'm really excited about having set this thing up, it's pretty awesome to see so many people review the same film. Lets you think about it differently than you would have otherwise. It'll be cool to see what people think of the upcoming films, I haven't actually seen any of them yet, so I'm really looking forward to that.

  • Aaron, where do we get a peak at what those upcoming films are?

  • @Lise, the original list with all the upcoming films is here. They will be watched in the order they are listed.

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