Training Day 2001 ★★★★½

This movie is so badass I almost had to turn it off. Denzel is the man!! I love that he's unbelievably badass yet kind off a little bitch at the same time. I really forgot just how awesome this film is. Ethan Hawke's really good also.


  • Love the scene when Ethan Hawke has been left in the house with the gangbangers by Washington, and you think how is he getting out alive, a brilliant film.

  • Hawke is terribly under-rated as an actor.

    Check out BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD to see some absolute magic.

  • @Iain. totally agree that scen is awesome. Cliff Curtis is really great in that scene and is always great.

    @Ryan. I have seen Before the devil... and it's great. Both Hoffman and Hawke are excellent and I agree Hawke has never really got his dues.

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