V/H/S 2012 ★★★


  • What did you think of the last segment?

  • I liked the last part. They were all fairly equal to me and I really didn't love any off them. If the last segment was first I probably would of liked it even more. I was just kinda getting bored with the film by then. I thought the succubus chick in the first part was cool too. I hated the first short that started and ended the film though. I actually have a feeling that I'll hate this more over time which is usually the opposite of most films for me.

  • Off topic but I loved your choice for your number #97 all time film. I can see into the future and I predict much more Jarmush. Haha!

  • I hated the Ti West segment, it was a good premise and then it when the normal route.. I did love the last one...

  • The last segment is the best because it's the only one in which the characters aren't total douchebags. It's also the most fun.

    @grooveman: Thanks man, I'm glad your checking them out. You are very correct about more Jarmusch in my future.

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