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  • Trainwreck

    Trainwreck 2015

    ★½ Watched 10 Nov, 2015

    All I can hope is that Apatow apatowed all over Schumer's script so that I can keep liking her.

  • The Gift

    The Gift 2015

    ★★½ Watched 10 Nov, 2015

    Why is it so hard to make a movie like this where the third act doesn't completely destroy the interesting second act twist?

    You had so much potential, THE GIFT. Jason Bateman was really well cast for what you were going to pull off. And then you wasted it. Enough that I am still annoyed.

    I get really angry at movies that get this close to doing something unique/surprising and then pull back into conventional thriller land, like they're some sort of gifted kid who ends up working at 7-11.

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  • Torque

    Torque 2004

    ★★½ Watched 12 Sep, 2014

    Oh, it's trying to both satirize action racing pictures and be an action racing picture. There's an over-the-top sense of humor there. There's also lots of explosions of expensive bikes, cars, props. But it ends up feeling like you've watched two hours of a Pepsi commercial dreamed up by Kid Rock.

    I loved DETENTION. I can see inklings of the brilliance of DETENTION in this. But this is certainly no DETENTION.

  • Brick

    Brick 2005

    ★★★★ Rewatched 04 Aug, 2012

    Such a beautiful, creative noir piece. Incredibly physical, tense performances. Gorgeous camera work. Dizzying editing. And Joseph Gordon Levitt holds the whole thing together in a way that no other role or director has provided before.