My Top 100 Films I Despise with a Passion

This was EXTREMELY HARD! There are certainly more than 100 films I hate, but for the majority of films on this list ... these films anger me in a way others don't.

Whether I found the film to be "unnecessary", "overrated", or just plain downright "atrocious" ... to me, those categories fit the following 100 films. These films either "upset", "sadden", "disgust", "bore", or flat out "anger" me ... and for the majority on this list, I highly doubt I will ever watch any of these films again in my lifetime.

Believe me, I certainly had more than 100 to work with, it was hard winding this list down (more hard than my "100 Favorites" List) - So here they are ... in alphabetical order:


  • Avatar is a great movie, and True Lies is awesome.

    Pretty much everything else blows. Can't believe you even watched half of them.

    *checks percentage*

    64%. Damn. Can't believe I watched half of them, either.

  • I hate AVATAR the way you hate DARK KNIGHT.

    You think DARK KNIGHT is overrated, by god ... AVATAR is miles and miles BEYOND overrated. Shiity dialogue, a stupid villain, lack or logic, amatuer performances (besides Zoe), a story I've seen countless times ... every single time someone approaches me and tells me that AVATAR is this age's new masterpiece, I want to stab something.

    I'm not gonna go into the infinite amount of reasons why I hate that film, but I loathe that film so much ... it really is sad its the highest grossing film ever. I would of perfectly been happy if TITANIC remains on top.

    With TRUE LIES ... other than a really hot and sexy strip tease by Jamie Lee Curtis, I never liked or cared much for this film either. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhnold on horseback = LAUGHABLE!

  • damn it's been a while since we had it out on Avatar, we might be due soon! ; )
    True Lies just made the cut on my 100 faves. Classic Arnold action!
    Proudly, I've only seen 40% here.

  • I'll stick with TERMINATOR ... T2 (and even T3: RISE OF MACHINES) ... PREDATOR ... ERASER ... COMMANDO ... and TOTAL RECALL for my classic Aaaaaaaahnold action.

  • fair enough but each of those flicks have stuff just as or more ridic than the horseback chase. Geez T3 over True Lies Really? You find the scene where the naked T-800 stumbles into a Chippendale's more endearing?

  • I dont think T3 is great, but I must admit ... some of the action in it was awesome. Plus, Kristanna Loken is super hot. She can wrap her legs around me anytime.

  • agreed but the action in True Lies in 100 times better. 'Your Fired'

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