This means "War"!

I honestly haven't seen too many war films in my life, but the select few I have seen are spectacular. Listed below is a good healthy list of some of my personal favorite war films (in alphabetical order).

I do not have these ranked, and it honestly would be difficult to rank these ... but if I was to rank my "Top 5 FAVORITE" (not GREATEST) it would be:

5. Full Metal Jacket
4. Platoon
3. Schindler's List
2. The Deer Hunter
1. Saving Private Ryan
(a close 6th would be Apocalypse Now)

So here there are ... it's WAR TIME! A relatively small list of some of my all-time favorite war films (non-ranked in alphabetical order) ...

Debate, discussion, and suggestions always welcome...


  • See Das Boot. Otherwise you've listed most of the greats.

  • Only reason i'm saying this because i'm doing a similiar list myself. Inglorious Basterds, Enemy at the gates, the pianist, casualties of war need to be on this. If you haven't seen them see them, I love the war genre.

  • Solid. Three Kings is a GLARING omission though.

  • @Casso - I've seen all those but they are not necessarily personal favorites of mine.

    I love BASTERDS ... but I consider that more of a "revenge" film, than one about "war".

  • Understandable, I made my list last night but didn't include Braveheart because I consider it more of an epic, although I love the film

  • The Bridge on the River Kwai
    The Longest Day
    Stalag 17
    Where Eagles Dare

  • I second Ryan's suggestions Gumby77. :)
    If you are enjoying war stories make sure you see the mini-series "Band of Bothers" and "The Pacific". These are actually as good, or better than any war film. Imho.

  • I meant "Brothers" of course! :)

  • Casualties of War.

  • I also thought both of Eastwood's films were very good Gumby.
    "Flags of Our Fathers"
    "Letters from Iwo Jima"

  • This list might be of interest to you, Gumby.

  • Thanks everyone ... Ill look some of these up, and check them out.

    ShowBill - I did see "LETTERS OF IWO JIMA" ... Solid film, but not necessarily one of my favorites. And I did see "BAND OF BROTHERS" a while back. A co-worker of mine let me borrow his DVD set of that, and I watched all episodes in like a week.

    Ryan - "THE LONGEST DAY" is another film I have waited too long to watch. I'll put that on my watchlist ... along with "CASUALTIES OF WAR".

    Great list DirkH!

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