Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is easily one of the greatest composers ever to work with film. Having written the music for an array of cinema, from children's animations to action blockbusters. Here's my ranking of his scores that I've heard.

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  • I was honestly thinking of making this list the other day! POTC and Inception were my two favorites pieces of work by him up until I saw the thin red line the other day, have you seen it? The music works perfectly with the film and i've actually found myself just listening to it on my itunes quite a bit.

    A personal favorite of mine, especially the beginning www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN5ExwsXUiQ

  • I noticed nobody had done this the other day, so decided I would get round to do it. Sorry for beating you to it, but still definitely get it done yourself also! I've tried to watch The Thin Red Line, but Malick doesn't make easy films to watch and everytime I've started it I've just decided I really can't be bothered (which is poor form from me really) to continue.

    The Kraken is brilliant! I found the remainder of the score lacking in originality though, hence why it's low in the ranking. But, it's by no means a bad score!!

  • Haha its alright. In good time I may make one but not for the now. I understand your Malick comment completely! I got so bored watching the tree of life I fell asleep haha! Maybe one day you'll watch it fully and change your mind!

    Also agree with the Kraken, my favorite of the score but the rest of the score lacks something that the kraken has.

    Got to say though, hands down Zimmer is the best of the best!

  • Agreed, there's a reason Zimmer is so in demand.

  • Zimmer's soundtrack for POTC was dire, he really struggled to match up to Klaus Badelt. Everything about those sequels was poor compared to the glorious first film. He also failed to make an impression on The Dark Knight Rises. Glad to see Gladiator ranked so highly, incredible score.

  • I'll disagree with you on The Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight's score was so incredible that it was always going to struggle to match the sheer quality of that, but it's still an excellent and emotional soundtrack.

  • It certainly failed compared to The Dark Knight Rises, but what was so disappointing about it was that it lacked its usual "driving-force" feel. For The Dark Knight, Batman Begins and Inception his score was sensational and linked with the story brilliantly, TDKR just didn't have the same impact.

  • An incredible film nonetheless, but my main criticism was the score.

  • I just can't understand that, I felt it did. It's a funny thing music...

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