Chronicle 2012 ★★★★★

I've seen a lot of criticism come in on this film since it's release, many of it fair and well reasoned and yet all the same I can't help but consistently love it more and more each time I watch it. The dialogue between the three lead's feels genuine as does the approach it takes as to how teenage boys would react should they suddenly find themselves possessing telekinetic powers. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's fast becoming one of my favourite films of the year.


  • I've got to say at times, the found footage thing pushed it for me a bit too with my low point coming from:
    -love interest opens door-
    'Hi, do you mind if I film you?'

    Sometimes the found footage excuses either didn't make sense or were non existent, and yet by the end it fails to detract from the experience at all for me as I find the end package so enjoyable!

  • I had a blast with this film! I have no problem with the found footage genre if it's done well, and I thought it was used very well in this film.

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