Seeking a Friend for the End of the World 2012 ★★★★

When I first heard of this film, I paid little attention to it. The casting choices promised another of the warm and forgettable rom-com's that appear and disappear in droves each and every year. But as the release grew closer and the trailers hinted at something more a little more interesting, I was persuaded to the idea of giving this film a go.

I couldn't be happier that I did as this film goes against all that it promised, focusing less on the rom-com setup and more on the interesting drama of exactly what happens to those people you see everyday when the apocalypse finally draws close. You're given a window into a stunning portrayal of the slow breakdown of society and the individual, each person taking their own time to accept the inevitable truth and each reacting to it in their own way.

Of course, at the heart of this is still a romance between Carell and Knightley's characters that needs to happen. Once again luckily however, their romance is instead crafted with a little more time and care than the usual unrealistic and forced romances so many rom-com's have pushed upon us.

What is most impressive about this film is saved for the final third of it as it refuses to back away from the premise it promised and indeed reaches the final stretch for humanity. The final few scenes of the film are tense and tough to watch, but overall when the credits roll you're left with an honest and impressive offering that presents one of the most realistic and impressive visions of the end of the world the film industry has offered in recent times.


  • You liked it a bit more then I did (just a bit), great review!

  • Checking back on your review, I completely see your argument and agree most of all with your comment about the third act. I was at the 3-3.5 mark for it throughout almost all the film I think, but it was that final scene that simply pushed it up to the four star mark. It was an honest, brave and really beautiful way to end the film after all that buildup.

  • You're making me want to bump it up to 4 stars... stop it. lol

  • I'm not attempting to sway your opinion or anything, but I just think while you're considering bumping your rating that you should think back to that final scene and how instead they could have gone about it. And also Carell's performance in that scene, I mean that alone I think earns a bump of half a star!

  • I'm starting to think you're evil HectorLG.

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