Henry Covert's 900 + All-Time Favourite Films

This not a "Best" list, but a "Favourites" list. My Top 250 films (which *I* rank 5 stars) are in strict order ; the next 250 (4 1/2 stars) in rough order; the next 250 (4 stars), in a very loose order. After 750, there really is no discernable order, and the titles are ranked 3 1/2 stars. Where ranking becomes difficult, some films are clustered together by director or theme. 13 of my favourites are not yet in this database (they are Roseland, Mama und Papa, Ana, Punk in London, Kamen Rider Zeto, Devil in Miss Jones, Condition Red, Witch from Nepal, Jardins des Supplices, Love Meetings, Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, The Butterfly Ball, Golddigger Killer), and I already have over 900 titles. It's obvious from this list that my taste in film is somewnat schizoid. This list will be continually morphing and changing and being reordered, especially in its bottom rungs.


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