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  • Influence

    Influence 2015

    Watched 19 May, 2016 4

    I have no idea what to rate this because I don't really know exactly what it was even about, all I know is that it was Polish, Bruce and Crispin Glover have roles where they speak German or a really heavily accented, broken English, and there's a bunch of psychics who are pulling all of the strings. It's set in 1918 and there's a lot of zeppelins. I dunno.

  • Disturbed

    Disturbed 1990

    ★★★★ Watched 18 May, 2016 2

    At first, I was a bit unsure of Disturbed, was it going to be the psychological thriller I read about or was this something completely different? What was initially walking a fine line between absurd comedy and unintended hilarity, eventually revealed itself as an honest to goodness, intentional black comedy/horror film. I loved the way it progressed from seemingly straightforward to absolutely goofy, and not just in regards to the over-the-top performances, from the likes of: Malcolm McDowell, Geoffrey Lewis…

  • Dark Woods

    Dark Woods 2003

    ★★ Watched 18 May, 2016 5

    I'm noticing a couple trends in a lot of Norwegian films; there's often a stock character of the super strong/stubborn and slightly older Swedish woman and a heavy reliance on a very certain type of psychological thriller.

    The last three Norwegian movies I have watched used the exact same formula, with a plot made up of 85% head-scratching deception and 15% ridiculous twist, followed by an over-explained reveal (complete with flashback evidence). The most frustrating thing about it, is that…

  • Babycall

    Babycall 2011

    ★★★ Watched 17 May, 2016

    This would make a great Kristoffer Joner-Double Feature with Himmelfall.

  • The Hanged Man

    The Hanged Man 2011

    ½ Watched 17 May, 2016 5

    Jævla dritt, Den hengte kvinnen er en bedre tittel.

  • Primrose Path

    Primrose Path 1940

    ★★★½ Watched 17 May, 2016

    "Let him cry, maybe some of the gin will run out of his eyes."

    Surly grandmothers are my spirit animal.

  • Judgement Day

    Judgement Day 1988

    Watched 16 May, 2016 5

    Just another case of me being lured in by pretty packaging, Judgement Day is a total snoozefest, very slow, dark, uneventful and drawn out. The novelty of the actors saying "Santana" every five seconds turns from funny to annoying real quick. They can't all be winners.

  • Burial of the Rats

    Burial of the Rats 1995

    ★★½ Watched 16 May, 2016 6


    In Burial of the Rats, Andrienne Barbeau plays the queen of the vermin, she controls a mischief of rats with a wooden flute and all of the women in their lair kill all of the men who are unfortunate enough to encounter them. It's glorious!

    Everything is going swimmingly in this MISANDRIST [lol] utopia until one of the women defies her queen and saves Bram (yes, Bram Stoker) from certain death. Bram is locked up…

  • The Sound of Belgium

    The Sound of Belgium 2012

    ★★★½ Watched 16 May, 2016 6

    I've waited four years to find and watch The Sound of Belgium because if there's anything I love as much as the imported Jean-Claude Van Damme, it's new beat (and chocolate).

  • Sinister 2

    Sinister 2 2015

    ★★½ Watched 15 May, 2016

    When I watched Sinister a couple of years ago, I was quite surprised by how scary I found it, unfortunately, Sinister 2 took the successful, subtle eeriness of the first film and laid on the creepiness quite thick, without bothering to build up any atmospheric tension, merely hoping to capitalize on what worked in the first film, and as most sequels tend to do, they amplified what originally worked until it was ridiculous. It was incredibly forced, the over-direction of…

  • The Siege at Ruby Ridge

    The Siege at Ruby Ridge 1996

    ★★ Watched 15 May, 2016

    This may be the closest we'll ever get to a Randy and Evi Quaid biopic.

  • The Amy Fisher Story

    The Amy Fisher Story 1993

    ★½ Rewatched 14 May, 2016 2

    While The Amy Fisher Story is probably the most well-known of the three films about the "Long Island Lolita," it's easily the worst. There's a major focus on a journalist who was reluctant to work on the case and she's not nearly interesting enough to carry an entire film.

    Apparently in 2007, Amy and Joey met up and started talking about plans of creating a reality TV show together, that would have been SO HORRIBLE but I'm sure I would have watched it.