Ranked Films of Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen is one of the greatest directors of horror and exploitation films. When you watch one of his movies it's like a perfectly preserved time capsule of the year it was made. Within the capsule you don't just have the fashion, the music, the filthy and gritty yesteryear of NYC, you also have the political undertones and social commentary of that time. From over-consumption in The Stuff to a new black antihero in Black Caesar, Larry Cohen is one of the best guerrilla filmmakers alive today. The collaborations of Larry Cohen and Michael Moriarty (one of THE greatest character actors to have ever lived) have a special place in my heart.

In this list I will rank the films directed by Larry Cohen (that I have seen) starting with my favorite and ending with my least. For best results, view the ranked list in the "LIST VIEW" instead of the "GRID VIEW."

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  • Love Larry Cohen! Though I have a bit more of a soft spot for ISLAND OF THE ALIVE than you do, it seems...

  • You'd think I would have more of a soft spot for Island of The Alive because of my love of Michael Moriarty but he couldn't even save it for me. I think everyone has at least one Larry Cohen film they really love that most people are like "whaaa, really?" I tend to get that a lot with Special Effects and Return to Salem's Lot.

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