Slashers (1974-1995)

In this list I'm going to keep track of all the slasher films I have seen from its magnificent beginning in the prototypes of 1974 until its petering out in 1995 only to be reborn in 1996 with Wes Craven's Scream, so that's a perfect place for this list to end.

My husband (Richard) and I have been watching slasher films together since we met and we've both bonded over our love for the overused and abused sub-genre. Together we've been working on watching every slasher film ever made.

We're both creating lists and you can find his here.

I gave up on ranking the list from favorite to least and decided to go with a more organized ranking. The films are ranked by year, alphabetically according to the year.

I've also tried to exclude films that are normally included within the genre that are not by my definition--slasher films. For example, Richard may have some movies in his list I do not consider slasher films for whatever reason, he's a bit more accepting and open minded about the definition and if it has a few elements he will include it. Here's a direct definition I tend to stick to from WIKI: "[The] Slasher film is a sub-genre of the horror film genre typically involving a psychopathic killer stalking, and killing a sequence of victims in a graphically violent manner..." With this, I feel it's important to mention that if you don't see any Italian horror heavyweights that you're sure I have seen, it's because I consider them gialli more than slasher. For a list of all the gialli I have seen, please go here for my Black Gloves, J&B, Sharp Objects and A Little Mystery list.


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