Exit Humanity 2011 ★★★★

American Civil War-based zombie epic that proves low-budget zombie films don't have to be bad CGI gut-crunchers. Very long and drawn out, this gorgeous looking film is more of a true cinematic experience than many big budget blockbusters that will no doubt get tons of adulating praise come awards season, and probably the most convenient reference is Romero's Day of the Dead in terms of pace and feel, although anybody looking for gore and splatter may be served better elsewhere.

A well-made and quite beautiful film that should be seen by genre fans who appreciate quality film making.


  • Good news, been looking forward to this one, will watch it with your blessing.

  • I think it's one you'll appreciate. It isn't wall-to-wall gore and action but very deliberately paced and has characters with depth. Think the first hour of Day of the Dead where not a lot happens but there's just enough to keep you invested.

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