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  • Boyhood 2014

    ★½ Watched 21 Feb, 2015 1

    There's no denying that the whole "filmed over the course of 12 years" thing is an impressive achievement, but if I'm being completely honest I just found the finished article incredibly dull. It's actually been quite a while since I'd last been as bored watching a film as I was here.

  • It Follows 2014

    ★★★★ Watched 16 Feb, 2015

    I found this to be a really creepy horror that doesn't rely on jump scares or gore, but on that primal fear of being constantly pursued by something which never stops, never stays down and never gives in. No matter what you do, it is coming for you. That thought is terrifying, and It Follows brings that to the fore with great effect.

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  • Moon 2009

    ★★★★★ Watched 02 Apr, 2012 2

    Outstanding film, with a fantastic performance from Sam Rockwell, who manages to keep the audience gripped despite being the only actor on screen for pretty much the whole film. By far his best film.

  • Easy A 2010

    ★★★★ Watched 19 Aug, 2012

    Really funny, entertaining movie. Emma Stone is great - pretty, smart, sarcastic, witty - the perfect casting choice. Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson are brilliant as the most awesome parents ever!