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  • Queen of Katwe

    Queen of Katwe


    Despite scenes showing a seedy underbelly to life in the slums, realistic portrayals of poverty, and some harrowing scenes involving a flood, Queen of Katwe is actually a Disney film. The cliched synopsis of an unremarkable girl with a remarkable gift who overcomes adversity sells the film short and implies this is a story that has been told before - indeed, you never doubt where the film is going. Except its Ugandan setting, all black cast, emphasis on class discourse,…

  • Silence



    A real psychological endurance test of biblical proportions. Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver are two Christian missionaries who feel led by God to find their missing mentor, Liam Neeson, who was last known to be preaching their religion in Japan. The country is shown to be hostile to Christianity through scenes of torture and by showing how difficult it is to find someone who will transport two missionaries with a supposed death wish.

    It has been said Martin Scorsese had…

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  • I, Daniel Blake

    I, Daniel Blake


    Less of a movie and more of a spark that ought to ignite a revolution, I, Daniel Blake is either uncomfortably real or a 'romantic comedy' depending on your class, political party preference, and experience with the welfare system.

    It makes I, Daniel Blake difficult to review as a film. It is so Ken Loach, so social realist, that it feels more like a documentary or a folk tale than a piece of fiction.

    There is a tendency to latch…

  • Holy Hell

    Holy Hell


    It feels in poor taste to rate a film so low that deals with psychological and sexual abuse. Not only that, but the facts of the story when written down are inherently interesting.

    The leader of Buddhafield is so emotionless and devoid of what makes someone appear human. His slow movements and lifeless eyes seemingly scream for everyone to keep their distance, yet he continues to have a faithful following, even if it does have a regular turnover.

    The first…