The Vicious Kind 2009 ★★★½

A lot of my review comes with weight from Adam Scott's performance. Very nice! I always thought he was unimpressive as Leslie Knope's love interest and the main dude from Party Down but he really takes the cake in this one. It's nice to see, despite the fact that his character is a straight up degenerate. Does anyone else think Alex Frost is a John Cusack Jr.?


  • Totally. I love this movie and I know its just because of Adam Scott's performance. And I agree, he's definitely wasted in Parks & Rec. He's capable of such strong dramatic performances and really hilarious comedic performances like in Step Brothers. Or, of course, just being cool like as Griff in Boy Meets World.

  • Griff! I completely forgot!

  • I loved Adam in Party Down, and I think what I liked more about this movie was knowing he can play passive aggressive, or just straight up insane aggressive. He is def the shinning light in this movie

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