The Dark Knight Rises 2012 ★★★★½

This review reportedly contains spoilers.
I can handle the truth.


  • great review...
    hahaha, actually i thought of that "how does Bane eat? but you know what, I think not relevant to the story but we ask that question out of curiosity..

    The most I watch this film the more is a Bruce Wayne story than a Batman story.

  • Thanks mate!
    It definitely is, and the story of Gotham overall much more than just a Batman flick

  • Bane does eat, we just dont see it, probably has it in liquid form.

  • Yah-huh, not really a flaw, just not explained. I reckon either via the mask or he just takes it off. Nice review.

  • Thanks! Quick Google search gave me this:
    It's not that he cannot survive without the mask. The mask is used for a continuous supply of a pain relieving gas. So when he needs to eat, he can take off his mask and take the anesthetic (pain relieving gas) externally.

  • What a great review! Makes me look forward to giving it a second watch.

  • Correction; It makes me look forward to it EVEN MORE.

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