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  • Midnight Special

    Midnight Special 2016

    ★★★★★ Watched 14 Apr, 2016 1

    Review originally posted on EQView

    Despite its fantastical narrative, at its core MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is primarily a film about belief; not in gods or magic or aliens but in ourselves and the people we love. It is a film in which fate and faith are tested to their limits, in which parental love is the most pertinent and powerful force in the universe, and in which the things that make us unique are admired, praised and feared in equal measure.…

  • Chicago

    Chicago 2002

    ★★★★ Watched 08 Apr, 2016

    Frenetic, fast-paced and bursting with effervescent energy, Chicago is everything a film musical should be and so much more on top. After a theatrical start that lays the foundations for the chaos that's to come, Rob Marshall's adaptation quickly sheds its stagey trappings and evolves into an all-out assault on the eyes and the ears that is as progressively-minded as it is debauched.

    The musical numbers are expertly choreographed (with "Cell Block Tango", "Razzle Dazzle" and "We Both Reached for…

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  • Carrie

    Carrie 1976

    ★★★★★ Watched 23 Oct, 2012 14


    There are few things more awkward in this World than watching the opening credits of Carrie in the presence of your parents. Any teenage boy who has had to endure such a scenario will know just how uncomfortable it is. You just don’t know where to look! Worse still, if you’re in the boat that I was in when I first sat down to watch it, you’ve got the added dilemma of pretending that you’re enjoying it – but…

  • Taken 2

    Taken 2 2012

    ★★ Watched 05 Oct, 2012 4


    Six Things I Learned from Taken 2:

    1. Randomly chucking grenades around in a crowded city is the best way of gauging someone’s location.
    2. American citizens are free to kill random, innocent police officers provided one of their mates has contacts at the American Embassy.
    3. Typing “US Embassy” into the GPS works every time.
    4. Slamming the gearstick of a taxi down will make it go faster.
    5. Albanians speak English in their own country but speak…