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  • Pitch Perfect 2

    Pitch Perfect 2 2015

    Watched 23 Jan, 2016

    Not sure how I ended up here. All the casual -isms ever, quite awful all round.

  • Anomalisa

    Anomalisa 2015

    ★★★★ Watched 13 Jan, 2016

    I'm writing this 24 hours later, having found myself thinking about the film heaps in the interim and liking it more and more.

    Overall it was quite typical of Kaufman stuff I've seen, in that it's full of existential bleakness and all that, but mixed with some good laughs and plenty of genuine surprises.

    The stop motion thing turned out to be a really good idea, totally fitting with the story. I'm sure others will have commented on how strangely…

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  • Southpaw

    Southpaw 2015

    ★★★½ Watched 03 Sep, 2015

    Gyllenhal is heaps better in Prince of Persia, but it's still pretty good. #trollololol

    Nah but seriously. You know whether you're up for a boxing pic, and this is all incredibly straightforward fallen hero arc stuff... BUT I gave a shit about what was happening, during the boxing and during the rest of it.

    The "behind every great man..." schtick still going strong in 2015 and Bechdel-Wallace test squarely failed.

    Forest Whitaker explicitly in the teacher role comes through with reassuring nuance, fumbling over his pearls of wisdom sometimes, called out for lying, etc.

  • Land of the Lost

    Land of the Lost 2009

    ★★½ Watched 04 Mar, 2012

    I laughed so much I wanted to lie down. Once. Ridiculously uneven on the lols.