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  • Furious 7

    Furious 7 2015

    ★★★½ Watched 22 Oct, 2015

    A few lines fall flat, some of the character beats feel strained, but it's a pure rush of adrenaline fueled mayhem with a pulsing heart running straight to the end. Not bad for a meat head action flick. I've really enjoyed most of these films, especially the last few...maybe it's okay to retire this franchise now, just seems off to go forward. Even though Brian was usually left with little plot wise, he was, as mentioned hundreds of times already, the heart, the emotional glue that held these macho types together. I honestly can't see these characters working without him.

  • Crimson Peak

    Crimson Peak 2015

    ★★½ Watched 16 Oct, 2015

    With Pacific Rim, and now this, I really feel Del Toro needs to return to smaller budget films for awhile.

    Crimson Peak suffers from the same symptoms as PR...kind of dull characters and by-the-numbers story telling. Some good performances throughout, particularly Jessica Chastain who is a particular kind of twisted. All in all it's most fascinating to watch Guillermo's next level attention to design...the film looks amazing!

    Guillermo has a great eye, unbound imagination and is a talented director, his character work in his Hellboy films and his smaller Spanish films are what we've come to expect. It just doesn't feel like he loves these characters.

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  • The Manhattan Project

    The Manhattan Project 1986

    ★★★½ Added

    Kid makes nuke to protest nuke facility in his backyard...this film WOULD NEVER BE MADE TODAY!

  • Extreme Prejudice

    Extreme Prejudice 1987

    ★★★★ Rewatched 24 Apr, 1987 1

    This film is criminally under represented. The cast alone is so good it should be against the law...and everyone gives it all! I watched the shit out of this on video in HS, probably saw it 2-3 times in theaters, much to the dismay of friends, who probably still don't understand what's so great about it. This is not a perfect film, but it is great Walter Hill. It's a tight story and shot with sweat and gusto. Goldsmith's score…