127 Hours 2010 ★★★★★

I love Danny Boyle, he can do no wrong (except for the last third of Sunshine) and he is on perfect form in this extremely challenging film. Listening to his audio commentary I got a real sense of how difficult this film was to make, but also how he and his crew embraced these challenges to come up with creative solutions. He has an unflinching respect for Aron Raltson and the source material for this film, and Boyle absolutely succeeds in making a film that is ultimately more than a biopic of an extraordinary man, it is a film about humans needing humans. Relationships, friendships, companionship, they are what matter in life.

Another thing I love about Boyle is his absolute respect for the crew he works with. In his commentary he thanks all of the extremely talented people who helped make this film so brilliant, including continuous praise to A.R. Rahman who composes a fantastic score.

If you haven't seen the film you owe it to yourself to experience the heart-stopping emotion present here. Obviously kudos to James Franco for an incredible performance. There is one scene that will probably make you wince, and even though I saw it coming, and even with the audio commentary running to hide the audio it still made me lose my shit. So good though.

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