A Complete History of My Sexual Failures 2008 ★★½

I often harp on about how I find it hard to enjoy a film if the central characters are unlikable. Well, this sort of doco, auto-biographical film is about a guy who is such a wet, mopish, self-indulgent git that it's really hard to care about him or his film. There's an older doco called Sherman's March that had a similar effect on me. In saying that, the DVD has a bonus interview with the filmmaker that redeemed the experience slightly, he seems more honest, more candid, and thank god a little reformed.

What really pinched my nuts in this film are a number of stunts that simply distract from the purpose of the narrative. The filmmaker is supposed to be learning about himself, reforming and finding out why he's such a useless boyfriend. Going to a mistress to have his balls flogged and taking six viagra running around the street asking for sex scream showboating to me and stripped this flick of its integrity (and the integrity of the filmmaker).

A hard film to recommend. I didn't learn anything, the flick lacked profound revelations to justify what is mostly a self-effacing journey of embarrassments and the stunts made me question just how genuine this film really was. In saying that, the bonus interview on the DVD (titles my Sexual Success or something like that) was actually quite sweet and heart warming, unfortunately it only makes sense in the context of having seen the film.

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