Ted 2012 ★★★½

Ted was pretty hit and miss for me. Some of the jokes stuck, some of them didn't, some of the sentiment was fairly moving, some of it was loaded with far too much cheese and predictability, but overall it was okay. Seth MacFarlane certainly has a certain type of humour, if you're a fan of Family Guy then you'll know what to expect: cheap shots at Jews, homosexuals, women, fat people and the handicapped.

Where the film fell apart at the seams was a lackluster story built around an irritatingly misogynistic setup - man has best friend, man's girlfriend doesn't like best friend, man has to choose. It's the old bro's before ho's dilemma and it's stupid. Mila Kunis actually plays an annoying character (her acting is fine, the role she has is shit) because she is forced to basically be a bitch.

Aside from that (and I am taking this film way too seriously) there are some rad cameos, pretty funny asides, and a slew of pop-culture references that will make you chuckle if you get them and Giovanni Ribisi being totally brilliant. Oh, and the animation for Ted is superb, he looks fantastic, totally believable.

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