The Doors 1991 ★★★★★

This felt about half an hour too long, but then again that is entirely fitting when it started to feel that Jim Morrison had outstayed his welcome, the Sixties were over man, the trip had gone sour, it was time to sober up... So yeah, can't really blame the film for that.

No one does drug trip/drunk daze like Oliver Stone. No one. There aren't any stupid mirages or hallucinations, whacky edits or buzzy sound effects, just a slightly discomforting whirl to everything that (in my experience at least) totally captures the surreal buzz of being out of your mind. I love that this film turns the viewer into a participant, making us live the experience, giving us front row tickets to an amazing high so it's almost like we are watching events play out while zonked out of our minds. Oh, and fuck me Val Kilmer is incredible, just straight up trouser humping incredible! The man is truly possessed in this film, fully imbibing the spirit of Jim, and what a voice (correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure he sings the live performances?). Anyway, even if you're not a fan of The Doors (I can't stand the music) this is an incredible film and a trip worth taking.

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