Licence to Kill 1989 ★★★★★

35mm: No matter how many times you see one of your favorite movies at home, there is NOTHING like seeing it on the big screen with a gorgeous print.
I'm exhausted but here are the reasons this one is my favorite:
Timothy Dalton has created a Bond similar to the 007 agent of the Ian Fleming novels. He has emotion, gets pissed off, and in this one - has his license to kill revoked. Bond isn't out to save the world - he's out to avenge a friend. Simple.
Before CASINO ROYALE, this was the Bond movie that was dark and gritty. The film lacks any of the campiness that could be found in the Connery and Moore Bonds. My favorite sub-genre is the vengeance or vigilante film. Bond doing a Charles Bronson = gold to me. Throw in a great villain like Davi, some amazing stunts, a great Bond score by Michael Kamen (DIE HARD had a huge impact on action films, including Bond), foxy strong females, sharks, exotic locales, ninjas, Q, Priscilla Barnes, the final Bond directed by John Glen, and Wayne Newton - and you have a great end of an era.


  • Definitely one of my favorite Bond films and Timothy Dalton is my second favorite Bond (Sean Connery being my favorite).

  • As a massive Bond fan, I can not tell you just how envious I am that you got to see this on the big screen.

  • @Cinebro - They've been doing a Bond film fest at two theaters in L.A. this month, in order, all 35mm prints. And it gets even better - Robert Davi did a Q&A before LICENCE TO KILL last night.

  • I don't know who to be angry at right now. It's either me for not living where something like this is happening, my local cinemas for not trying to do something this awesome, or you because you incited my envy.

  • Yeah John! Good seeing this with you. I'm so glad that other people love LICENCE TO KILL as much as I do. It's always been my favorite. I've decided Timothy Dalton is my favorite Bond.

  • Nice review and I agree this entry is criminally underrated. Not my favorite, but definitely in my top 5 Bond.

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