Midnight Madness

I've been going to midnight movies since I was old enough to drive.
This list does NOT contain films I saw on opening night at midnight during their initial release. These are the movies I saw at midnight at different revival houses, in Chicago and Los Angeles.

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  • I didn't realize you've been to so many of these. I love Midnight Movies as a concept and wish I had the energy to see more. Now it feels like hard work getting a movie started at 10. Hard Boiled was amazing and though Better Tomorrow was a bit of a let down (we saw 'em in the wrong order, I suppose), it was still a really good time. Didn't we also see Bullet in the Head or did I catch that later?
    Donnie Darko, Aliens and South Park have been my favorites. I laughed harder at South Park than I did the first time I saw it and I went to see it by myself, in Minneapolis, sober, I think.
    Jealous of you seeing Natural Born Killers. That in a theater is definitely an experience.
    Glad you left out seeing stuff night before opening weekend. You're right, that's a different list.
    Midnight Movies, hope they keep on going. And if Midnight Madness is playing again, please let me know. I love that stupid movie.

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