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  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014

    ★★★★ Watched 09 Apr, 2014

    Boy, I seem to have boxed myself into a corner by being so generous to the Thor movies (both of them). Frankly, I think both Captain America movies blow those out of the water (probably the Iron Man films as well, in hindsight) and honestly are on par more with The Avengers than any of the other MCU installments. Personally, I think I slightly prefer the more art deco, comic book-y style and spirit of The First Avenger and the…

  • The Element of Crime 1984

    ★★★ Watched 20 Mar, 2014 3

    Stylistically, technically fantastic (the sepia look is both dreamily hypnotic and unendingly nauseating). However, it's also thematically and narratively familiar. The rare film that acts as a remarkable, unforgettable debut while simultaneously being a baffling, strangely unsatisfying work.

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  • Identity Thief 2013

    ½ Watched 07 Mar, 2013 5

    I cannot fully express how much I hated this movie and how painful it was to sit through. It's supposedly a comedy, but none of the jokes are funny. I chuckled once at the very beginning for an Ayn Rand/Fountainhead joke from Jon Favreau and at the very end when Melissa McCarthy is talking to the kids. That's it.

    It's so incompetent, so boring and sooooo looonnnnngggggg, that I considered walking out about three different times. It takes a lot…

  • After Earth 2013

    Watched 30 May, 2013 2

    A gigantic, boring, ugly, nonsensical, poorly written, directed and acted piece of shit vanity project.

    Apparently, in the future (a mere 1000 years or so), evolution has turned Earth back over to the dinosaurs and while humanity has mastered lightspeed and deep space homing beacons, we still fight with pointy sticks.

    M. Night Shyamalan literally does almost nothing interesting, although to be fair to him, this is sub-par material from the start. Jaden Smith is asked to do things he…