Top 15 of the Decade (2000-2009)

  • There Will Be Blood


  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence


  • Synecdoche, New York


  • 25th Hour


  • Mulholland Drive


  • Requiem for a Dream


  • American Psycho


  • City of God


  • Inglourious Basterds


  • The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara


  • Downfall


  • Primer


  • The Rules of Attraction


  • The Dark Knight



  • Your list is also quite good, love the ones that did not make mine except Dark Knight, which I like, but I would watch the Prestige over it any day.

  • Your number 1 is exactly correct!

  • @ Colin - I really do feel that The Dark Knight is a really well made film and I think Ledger's performance really was as good as everyone says it is. Yes it does have it's faults, but overall for me, just a solid entertaining ride. As for The Prestige, I really love that film as well but for some reason, the re-watchability factor for me didn't work. I just saw it again recently and it didn't hold up quite as well as I remembered by I still feel it's Nolan's second best movie.

    @Devon - Eternal Sunshine came in at a close #2 but TWBB is just so damn good and has so many great qualities going for it that it had to be my #1. PT Anderson, to me, is probably the top filmmaker around right now. As depressing as TWBB is, it's such a powerful story and such a reflection of our greed as humans that I thought it was the best of decade. Day-Lewis's performance is probably among the best I've seen.

  • Love the top 10, with the exception of A.I... I just never could get myself to like that movie.

  • Thank you. I know A.I. really divides people, there are some that are 100% passionate about it and some that downright despise it. I was completely mesmerized by it - everything in it just really worked for me. When I saw it in the theater, it was one of those experiences where I forgot where I was and was completely zoned in. For me it just had this dream-like quality. The ending was a little disappointing (the reunion with the mother) and didn't gel well with the rest of the movie. I even liked the jump in time leading up to the ending and the look of the robots, just didn't like the last 5 minutes or so. I thought it was a pretty terrifying scenario that only the A.I. were left, all humans wiped out.

  • Most of these wouldn't make a similar list if I made it but there isn't much here to really disagree with. Good picks.

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