Blue Thunder 1983 ★★★★

Scheider stars as a police helicopter pilots whose daily routine seems to be perving on the neighbourhood.

He finds himself somehow in a position controlling an expensive military helicopter and in the middle of a conspiracy. The elements are oddly disconnected but come together as they must. Chekhov’s gun is also seeded particularly well within the first act.

There is much humour with the level of zingers and Malcolm McDowell provides a memorable antagonist even if there are no giant revelations.

The Reverence: The explosion of chicken at the Amos store beats out a woman who has both flexibility and punctuality, a mega zoom down a woman’s bust, and a man who is tied up being told to write.


  • Nicostra worthy? Was on my mega-list of possibilities.

  • Mega List! I like the sound of that. It shows much thought is being taken. Not just a quick scan to see what is available! I have a spreadsheet that is constantly being modified.

    It is a shade off being worthy. The extreme moments aren't quite extreme enough. However, I guess the Amos Store sequence, at the climax no less, would have made it perfect causing wild laughs. A tough call! From that perspective, it was definitely worthy!

    I am going to have to hide recommendations from you with the percentage level seemingly so high! It was a great move to keep those 3 films hidden for later Nicostra's.

  • A quick scan to list everything that is available instead!

    What is with this influx of Amos? Its out of control.

  • I've now come to the thoughts that it would have been completely worthy. Perhaps it would have topped the list of Nicostra moments. The film would have been a disappointment until an explosion in the face.

    I'm now contemplating what a Top 5 list would contain. The Ass Slap Chekhov's Gun at #1.

  • Amos is of course The Holy Grail of Cinema!

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