Trading Places 1983 ★★★★

Aykroyd and Murphy star in a film with an interesting setup leads to some high-concept comedy.

The film manages to bring the 80’s setting alive with capitalist sentimentality and decadent lifestyles.

When in tries to become too emotive, and somewhat moralising, it comes off as a little simplistic and unconvincing. This is especially evident through the character arcs. Thankfully the film chooses to not focus on this theme too closely and mines its comedic angle.

The film doesn’t quite make the most out of its high concept, but all the small touches help, and a payoff that includes financial revenge and an ape

The Reverence: Frank Oz, the “Yeah!” guy, naked dancing are beaten by a climax on the subway that contains a dress-up party.


  • Your 'Eddie Murphy Ranked' list must be due soon!

  • For sure! A Pryor list is also likely to be close behind. Perhaps if I kept it to 80's Murphy, it would be both complete and not disingenuous. Norbit, Pluto Nash and The Nutty Professor would not be part of that deal.

    One of the odd things with Murphy is that he seems ageless.

  • But 80s Murphy means you could not place Bowfinger amongst the rest. Maybe you could limit it to a top 10 or 15 instead! To avoid the shit stains!

  • This is now a definite conundrum. Maybe an 80's showdown between Murphy and Pryor would be something to work towards?

    Bowfinger is an obvious first, my rating system is that consistent! It also crack the Top 100. One of the shit stains also has Dudley mixing it with Murphy!

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