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  • Wolves

    Wolves 2014

    ★★ Watched 25 Jan, 2015

    For a teen supernatural drama with no big names, i was more entertained than I had a right to be. It is basically a guy coming to a small, lawless town to settle a feud between the 2 factions of said town. Nothing special and definitely not as bad as some people are making it out to be. But for a cheesy as hell film aimed at the supernatural loving teens of now, it isn't that horrible.

    And the wolves look just like Beast from X-Men. And Angelina is HOT AS HELL.

  • Interstellar

    Interstellar 2014

    ★★★★★ Watched 24 Jan, 2015

    Interstellar is a spectacle. The story is riveting. The music is impactful. Nolan has hit it out of the park. I enjoyed this immensely and think that it is Nolan's greatest film.

  • The Fault in Our Stars

    The Fault in Our Stars 2014

    ★★½ Watched 24 Jan, 2015

    Bit long for my taste. But it was OK. Nothing special though.

  • John Wick

    John Wick 2014

    ★★★★½ Added

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This movie is awesome. Keanu Reeves doing what he does best, being a bold-faced badass. Excellent gun play and action sequences. Watch it if you want turn-off-your-brain fun, because the story is lacking, but it doesn't matter.

    One thing though. People need to learn how to tie up loose ends. Nearly every situation in this film is caused because people don't finish their business. SPOILERS. Wick doesn't completely sever ties with his past life, so he is brought back in.…

  • Wild

    Wild 2014

    ★★★ Watched 19 Jan, 2015

    Reese Witherspoon with her best Emile Hirshe impression in a movie with almost the same title. Not as fun, which is telling by her reason for the trip and no where near as emotional, in my opinion. Witherspoon does a great job though. Very entertaining throughout.

  • Neighbors

    Neighbors 2014

    ★★★ Watched 20 Jan, 2015

    Zac Efron in his best role yet, i suppose. Seth Rogan doing Seth Rogan things. And for some reason Dave Franco just seems like a star above the rest of the cast. Was funny. But not REALLY funny.

  • Can't Hardly Wait

    Can't Hardly Wait 1998

    ★★★★ Watched 17 Jan, 2015

    Can't Hardly Wait is great. From a time where racial and homophobic jokes are all good because people aren't uptight and ready to jump on everything that is remotely non-pc. Full of cliches that have been seen before and after this film was made. And rewatching it now makes it seem like it could be a parody. It is just so over-the-top in some cases that it would probably be judged that way by younger audiences. And I love it.

  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice 2014

    ★★ Watched 16 Jan, 2015

    I just found this to drag on way too much through the start to keep me captivated until the end. I enjoy Anderson's other films, but I just couldn't find motivation to get excited about this one. Maybe I am just in the wrong state of mind(as I get when watching some films) to thoroughly enjoy it. I will watch it again some time down the line to see if it clicks with me then.

  • Kill the Messenger

    Kill the Messenger 2014

    ★★½ Watched 15 Jan, 2015


  • Big Hero 6

    Big Hero 6 2014

    ★★★ Watched 14 Jan, 2015

    Not as good as some of Disney's better attempts at animation. The animation looks excellent though. The story just lacks the proper emotional connection that other Disney films have succeeded in providing.

  • Nightcrawler

    Nightcrawler 2014

    ★★★★ Watched 13 Jan, 2015

    Very good. Gyllenhaal is amazing. Thought the ending was a bit abrupt.

  • When a Stranger Calls

    When a Stranger Calls 1979

    ★★★ Watched 12 Jan, 2015

    I really liked the remake so eventually decided to watch the original. The villain in this one is much creepier than I expected and it was more frightening than the remake. Enjoyed it.