Top Gun 1986 ★★★★★

I've bought the DVD, the soundtrack, watched the making of and dreamed about Kelly McGillis more than one time. The film that did more for Air Force enlistments than anything else will do the same for you.

If you've ever been holding on too tight with a bunch of oiled up dudes then you will lose your edge over Top Gun again and again.


  • Best. Review. Ever.

  • I wanted the motorbike for years, this game made me want to play pool, fly jets, flip the bird to Russians pulling a negative 1G inverted roll while engaging. As for Kelly, white T-shirts work. Reow.

  • Unfortunately the movie was lying to us after all, to be Top Gun you had to join the Navy, The Tomcats are all retired now and Kelly is only into other women. Why do I feel so depressed...

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