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  • The Married Woman

    The Married Woman


    I get the sense that in A Married Woman, Goddard is locked in a battle with himself. For part of the film we spend time with Macha, the titular married woman, lazing about with her lover Robert. During other sections, we see her interacting with her husband. Each relationship, between wife/lover and wife/husband appears to embody a conflicting intellectual current in Goddard's life, forming a kind of dialectic in the film as the relationships enter an asynchronous argument between one…

  • Metropolis



    Film School Drop Outs Challenge 2017 Week 3 - Movement - German Expressionism (1920-1927)

    Ach Mein Gott...!

    Metropolis has a whole heck of a lot going on. Class conflict, generational squabbles, unchecked scientific progress, spirituality and romantic notions, demagoguery and popular revolt. All of it melds together into an action packed dystopian melodrama on an epic scale. It apparently took Fritz Lang a whole year to make Metropolis, thousands of people were engaged as extras and it was the most…

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