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  • Sweet Movie 1974

    ½ Watched 17 Feb, 2014

    “Vile.” “Brilliant.” “Liberating.” “Disgusting.” “Pornagraphic.” All of these things were used to describe Dusan Makavejev’s 1974 avant-garde comedy and drama, “Sweet Movie”. Praised for its originality and condemned for the same, the film features actual on-screen urination, a plethora of nudity, vomiting, defecation, suggested pedophilia, and stock footage of the discovery and unearthing of many bodies from the Katyn Massacre. Though scrutinized by critics on its release, the film has gained somewhat of a cult following and is now available…

  • City Lights 1931

    ★★★ Added

    A preface: It should be no secret that I prefer other silent comedians to Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin was a remarkable player of the silver screen, no question, but always burdened himself with social issues rather than memorable scenes. That isn't to say he was a hack or untalented filmmaker, quite the opposite in-fact. But I always get bored for a moment or two during Chaplin's features and as it happens City Lights is the record holder for bored moments.


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  • Mad Max 1979

    ★★★½ Added 4

    Awesome car stunts, great action, strong acting, and a great setting. Only real complaint is that the ending comes out of nowhere.

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 1974

    ★★★★ Added

    The sheer creepiness of a movie like this is the way the characters and setting are portrayed. These kids have nothing to do with the town, they're just passing through. One of them wanders off and is killed immediately. Who is the killer? Even though we see him, we don't know. He's just some crazy guy. No back story, no explanation, no motivations. He's just a psychopath. That's what makes this movie scary.