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  • Ender's Game 2013

    ★★ Added

    Fuck you Harrison Ford.

  • The Fly II 1989

    ★½ Watched 05 Oct, 2013

    Do you ever see a movie you enjoy so much, that you commit yourself to seeing anything else in the franchise no matter how bad the quality? After a viewing of The Fly, I was obliged to watch the sequel, mainly intrigued by the lack of media or discussion about the movie. Turns out it was for a reason.

    The Fly 2 picks up soon after the events of the first film, with Seth Brundle's child (Martin) being born out…

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  • Mad Max 1979

    ★★★½ Added 4

    Awesome car stunts, great action, strong acting, and a great setting. Only real complaint is that the ending comes out of nowhere.

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 1974

    ★★★★ Added

    The sheer creepiness of a movie like this is the way the characters and setting are portrayed. These kids have nothing to do with the town, they're just passing through. One of them wanders off and is killed immediately. Who is the killer? Even though we see him, we don't know. He's just some crazy guy. No back story, no explanation, no motivations. He's just a psychopath. That's what makes this movie scary.