Metropolis 1927 ★★★★★

Was lucky enough to catch a screening of The Complete Metropolis accompanied by a live performance of their original soundtrack to the film by the Alloy Orchestra. Spectacular film which looks simply amazing on the big screen and I have to say Alloy's accompaniment is very good and I probably enjoy it more than the original score. The original seems to bog things down in parts and I found this alternate score to add a lot of pep to the proceedings. It made the run time fly by even faster than usual. Highly recommend checking it out if you have the opportunity.


  • Damn, it looks like they've done this in New York for the last three years(once a year). Just missed it in February. I have to try to remember/look for it next year!

  • It's pretty darn cool. They are doing a whole series of silent films this week, I just wish I had time to get to more of them. They've apparently performed Metropolis over 500 times, which is crazy. Definitely worth checking out if you can; unique movie-going experience.

  • I definitely plan on seeing this when possible. Seems like they are a pretty steady and well known group so hopefully it won't be a surprise if they are still touring next year.

  • Man, that sounds great. Reminds me of my first week in Toronto. A friend took me to a bicycle shop down an alley behind Spadina where a Cross-dresser served drinks and a guy with tails played the piano to a Valentino film while we sat on fold-out chairs at the back of the shop. I've loved TO ever since ;-)

  • Nice! I love those random, special experiences. That sounds like something that could happen out here; guess I need to walk down more alleys...

  • Yessss, Alloy is going to be nearby in September!

  • Lucky you. Their schedule doesn't include any stops in Canada. I've emailed them--hopefully they are planning a stop in Toronto in 2013 perhaps.

  • Awesome, hope you like it Rick. It really adds a lot to the experience in my opinion.

  • I haven't seen the movie at all yet, so I'm hyped

  • You, my friend, are in for a treat!

  • I would have a fair bit of "useless info for you regarding this film. I just haven't got time to write this long story today. I own 5 different versions of this film! (including my Moroder VHS 1983-84). There is quite a story here. Some folks like the new "Complete" version blu-ray but several prefer the Morander copy (just released..2001 restoration)) which has the subtitles, extra sound effects, and color tint!, similar to the VHS. The Morander edition has a "rock group" soundtrack which many like. The new edition remastered in 2010 has about 25 minutes of new "found" footage discovered in Buenos Aires(2008) which makes quite a difference (it's parts from throughout the film). Unfortunately the discovered lost footage was badly damaged and badly transferred. (long story involving censors copys, 70MM- 35mm-18mm transfers etc) . There are a couple of scenes that could not be repaired and included. The new footage is not HD quality and is very noticable.
    The new version now features the original score which many film buffs prefer. (Gottfried-Huppertz). It is amazing with lossless 5.1 Digital track).
    They have also gone back to the original Intertitles instead of subtitles. There is also another soundtrack from a Berlin Symphony, which is good.
    You could check the net and research the whole saga if you are interested. I have read dozens of restoration stories. Stay tuned; one day someone will find a lost complete copy of original film that can be properly transferred and restored.
    The new, "Almost Complete" blu-rays and DVD show us just how amazing this pioneer sci-fi film was for 1927.

  • Aren't you glad I didn't want to write a "long story"! :-)

  • That's awesome Bill. I honestly did not even realize the movie ever existed on VHS.

    I do intend to watch one of the other, previous versions of the film to see how it stacks up to the "complete" version since that is the only one I have seen. I do find it odd that the previous release had subtitles as I really like the intertitles, but I will need to give it a watch to see how it feels.

  • I'm planning on watching this soon guys, but what version should I start with? The complete post-2008 Metropolis or the 2001 restored version, both of which I can get my hands on in DVD-format... Which one do you prefer?

  • Hey Dave, I think you may as well go with the complete version. At this point, in my opinion, there is no reason NOT to see that version. Yeah, some of the new footage does stand out due to the rough shape it is in, but I like it and it adds just another dimension to watching the film in my opinion.

    You can't go wrong either way, but I figure you may as well see as much of Lang's brilliance as you can when you have the opportunity to do so.

  • Thanks Len, will definitely do so soon. I saw M yesterday and was pretty much blown away. Can't wait to see more by mr. Lang!

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