Unforgiven 1992 ★★★★

So after even more cajoling I finally buckled down and watched this, with a nice sandwich on a Sunday afternoon. I have to admit I was a tad concerned by the first 15 minutes or so as I found the film very slow, but as things started to come along, I became invested and by the end, when things really heated up I was fully engrossed.

I liked most of the cast, particularly Richard Harris who was awesome, if not a little underutilized, though i must say I found Eastwood himself to be a bit uneven. Maybe it just took a while for him to grow on me in this one.

The story itself is relatively straightforward; one last job, dealing with the demons from before, etc. but it was executed well and ended with such a flourish, that it was hard not to love it.

Hopefully they will make an Unforgiven 2; The Schofield Kid hears of Munny being shot and on his death bed. He goes to visit; Munny gives him back the Schofield pistol and leaves Schofield the farm with his dying breath (Munny's kids out of the picture, having been trampled by hogs or something a few years back). Schofield then vows revenge on the killers but has to deal with all of the demons he encountered the first go 'round. I think it could work.


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  • So you finally bit the bullet and watched it, eh? You liked it well enough (4 stars). Glad you saw it. Didn't you love the kid who is half blind? Loved him. (He's a fellow Canuck, by the way).

  • Yes, I liked it even though I am not the hugest western guy.

    The kid eventually endeared himself to me; at the beginning I kind of hated him, but as things progressed I started to like him. His transformation near the end seemed a bit quick, but what can you do, you only have so much time with the kid. By the look of it he really has not done much else since then.

    This makes me want to go back and watch The Assassination of Jesse James because I think that may be a better film, but it's been a while since I watched that one, so need to see it again before I can truly judge.

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