No Country for Old Men 2007 ★★★★★

No Country For Old Men is easily The Coen Brother's finest film. By my estimation it is perfect. The directors pace this film so well, and not a single shot is misplaced. The opening scene is one of my favourite of any film - the accent and diction of Tommy Lee Jones gives me goosebumps every time. From the outset it is obvious that Sheriff Bell knows he times are changing around him and that he doesn't entirely understand it. The theme of aging and deterioration of the world around him is so well developed as the story continues, right through to the last scene. The last scene is something I don't think I will ever understand fully, but that is fine because I love coming back to it and trying to work it out.
Everything else about this movie is just as good, and I could spend days writing about it. One of my favourite aspects of it is the sound editing - the lack of music throughout seems to enhance the feeling of isolation and desolation of the West Texas setting and makes everything more intense. I hope to write something more thorough on this film in the future, but for now this will have to do.


  • Their finest, you say? I'd rank Barton Fink and A Serious Man a little higher. Then again it's many a year since I watched this, and there's not a single Co Bro movie I've yet to love more on a rewatch.

  • I prefer Raising Arizona, Blood Simple, O Brother, etc.

    If this movie didn't go limp before its climax, it would probably be my fav. But that non-ending just pisses me off. I never thought a movie could give me blue-balls, but low and behold...

  • No Country for Old Men is a great film, but an overrated one. I personally prefer both Blood Simple and The Big Lebowski. Probably even Miller's Crossing. And how it won Best Picture over There Will Be Blood is beyond me. But still, it's a great film, no doubt about that.

  • I love the ending, think it's perfectly suited to everything that went before. Anything else would have felt wrong in my opinion. Definitely agree with Richard though, There Will Be Blood is far superior.

  • This is my favorite Coen Bros film and one of my all time favorites. The ending didn't bother me at all, and I felt it was very fitting. I say There Will Be Blood shortly after I saw No Country and while I love them both I like No Country just a little more.

  • I personally thought the ending was one of the best things about the film. It sticks in your mind for days afterwards. Any movie that truly makes you think and question what it was about must be doing something right.

  • @Aaron That's exactly how it was for me. I love when a film sticks with you and makes you think about it days later. The Coen's really created a masterpiece here in my opinion. David Lynch's films are that way as well which is why I love them so much.

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