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  • The Shining

    The Shining


    Extremely well-designed and shot (duh), but woefully miscast, poorly structured and paced, stilted and awkwardly written, and generally over-the-top. Nicholson goes way too crazy way too early for this to generate any real tension or scares instead of just being a predictable, monotonous slide toward a foregone conclusion. I'd remembered Duvall being the weak link but this time found her relatively fine (she runs like a wacky inflatable flailing arm tube man, but otherwise does what she can with a…

  • Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids

    Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids


    Reasonably well made and I suppose all the people onstage are talented performers but you can only enjoy a concert doc filled with music you don't care for so much. Unlike Talking Heads and Neil Young, just not a fan of this genre.

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  • Revolutionary Road

    Revolutionary Road


    Perhaps the most underappreciated Hollywood film of the last several years. A brilliant realization of a novel on the level of Gatsby, Lolita, and Sirens of Titan with career best performances from DiCaprio, Winslet, and the remarkable Michael Shannon. I've seen it only once since it's such a hard experience to relive, but it shook me to my core and hasn't left my thoughts for long since. In short, a masterpiece.

  • 13th



    Very conflicted on this one.

    It does a remarkable job marshaling an avalanche of evidence to prove a thoroughly credible, convincing thesis on a timely subject central to the lives, laws, and morals of its audience and their society.

    It's the most compelling advocacy doc of its type since Inside Job and it has a lot in common with that film and Charles Ferguson's other masterpiece, No End in Sight. Through incredible access, probing questions, precision editing, and a strong…