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  • The Visit

    The Visit


    Watched it in preparation for "Split" and, while I am not entirely onboard the "The Visit" love train, it's fun, campy and, most importantly, proves the point that found footage is just a great tool in the right hands, and not a genre in itself.

    The rapping kid was amazing!

  • xXx: State of the Union

    xXx: State of the Union

    This film does not care about the ratings so it shall get none, part 2.

    (if anyone cares - we had a "xXx" movie night and yes, that is actually a thing. Can't remember when I last time laughed so hard. "Torque" movie night incoming, but what should be the 2nd part of double-feature?)

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    A perfectly executed lesson in world-building, stunt-staging, editing and non-stop suspense from the (mad) mastermind George Miller also serves as a huge middle-finger to modern-day action "products" - it's fast, brutal, violent and, at times, utterly mad.

    We needed a film like this, and we got it - I'm not sure yet if I need a sequel, I just want to see this one again (and again) to soak in all the details!

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out


    Whoa! After losing it's mojo for a bit (Monsters University, Cars) under the heavy wing of Disney, the old Pixar is back with a vengeance with this brilliant, innovative and one-of-a-kind film!

    Animated "Oscar" is guaranteed, but is it studio's best film? It may very well be!