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  • Gentleman's Agreement 1947

    ★★★★½ Watched 13 Nov, 2014 8

    When I first moved to Toronto I ended up living in the Gay Village. I felt quite safe there to walk to and from friends' homes late at night. The neighbourhood was always bustling and it was refreshing to not get any 2nd looks and whistles. But there was one day, I recall it like it was yesterday, where I had a thought that made my heart sink. There had been a few 'gay bashings' (I hate that expression) in…

  • Scanners 1981

    ★★★½ Watched 31 Oct, 2014 8

    This film has the distinction of containing the single most terrible performance by a lead that I have ever seen in my life. Let me rephrase that, because I'm sure there are plenty of terrible performances out there in terrible films. This is by far the best film with a terrible lead that I've seen. I think that's better. Maybe I'm digging a hole here.

    I'll give Stephen Lack credit for one thing: when he was doing the scanning business,…

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  • Silver Linings Playbook 2012

    ★★ Watched 06 Feb, 2013 89

    My ticket stub says that I saw Silver Linings Playbook but it can't be the same film everyone else has seen. It just can't be. This one was supposed to be charming, enjoyable, fun even. It won the TIFF Audience Award. It was supposed to have great characters. Cooper and Lawrence were supposed to have given wonderful performances. DeNiro, it was said, was back. Jackie Weaver, wait, was she in this?

    The film I saw was bland and boring. I…

  • The Thin Red Line 1998

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 01 Jul, 2012 34

    I heard people talk about immortality,
    but I ain't seen it.
    l wondered how it'd be when l died.
    What it'd be like to know that this breath now
    was the last one you was ever gonna draw.
    l just hope l can meet it the same way she did.
    With the same... calm.
    Cos that's where it's hidden -
    the immortality l hadn't seen.

    What's it like to be lying in the middle of an unfamiliar jungle with birds…