Omar Killed Me 2011 ★★★

I love everything about court cases. I love reading court decisions, I love watching court arguments and I especially love stories of people who take up as their mission the redress of mishandled justice. So Omar Killed Me was right up my alley.

Based on true events, Omar, a gardener, was accused of killing one of his rich clients and paid the price for mistakes and possibly corruption within the judicial system. An author takes up his cause and writes a book a bringing to light the mishandling of Omar's case. So far there is nothing to dislike.

However, the film structure used flashbacks to different time periods and it was not always clear where you were in the story. It was needlessly confusing and frustrating at times. Everything else about the film is good.


  • I didn't see Anatomy of a Murder in your films; have you seen it? If you love court cases, I think you would love it!

  • Julie, I read your review for it the other day (good review btw) and it reminded me that I had never seen it. I've also never seen Judgment at Nuremberg, which I believe is also a court driven film. The good news is that I've got great films to see in the near future! Hmm, there may be a suggestion list in all of this. Might do that right now ;-)

  • Oh thanks! Yes, I hope you enjoy it. And good idea for a list =)

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