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  • District B13 2004

    ★★★★ Watched 22 Apr, 2014 6

    I am quite certain that I have just discovered my favourite action film. It has story like the Raid should have had, it has chases like nobody's business, and I could never take my eyes off the two protagonists, even when I tried. Sure it suffers a few of the genre's shortcomings, but it makes up for it in every department.

    Could the lead look any more like Ted Mosby?

    I probably shouldn't watch the next one within minutes. I…

  • K-PAX 2001

    Added 11

    I gave this film 1 star as a punishment rather than leave it unrated, all because it is obviously a remake or if not that then a re-imagining of Man Facing Southeast, and yet there is no credit at all anywhere in the film to indicate this. In fact, the makers of the film expressly denied having ever heard of Man Facing Southeast. With such an original story, that is highly unlikely. There is very little that I find more disgusting than stealing like this. All they had to do was add a credit.

  • Side by Side 2012

    ★★★★ Watched 15 Apr, 2014 11

    Perhaps this documentary says nothing new to many cinephiles, who might be immersed in and well read about the various types of technologies involved in film making. I am neither immersed nor well read in this area. I was fascinated by the both points of view, those who embrace the new digital format and those who will film on celluloid as long as it still exists. A focus on the various cameras and how quickly they come out smaller and…

  • Red Hill 2010

    Watched 14 Apr, 2014 5

    Let's just say we weren't at all sad when the dvd stopped working 3/4 of the way through. Not sad at all.

  • 1963

    ★★★★★ Watched 06 Apr, 2014 22

    you're free, but you must learn to choose

    Guido Anselmi To Direct New Film
    Jan 5 1962

    Producer Pace has announced that world renowned Italian director Guido Anselmi will direct a new film this year. There is little information about the project, other that it will be science fiction. One associate who wanted to remain anonymous said that Madeleine, the famous French actress, has expressed interest in the project. Shooting is set to begin in April.


    Casting for Anselmi's…

  • The Conversation 1974

    ★★★★ Watched 11 Apr, 2014 6

    So that was the Conversation, huh?
    It was slower than anticipated, and that is saying something. Not in a bad way, not at all, but I did expect a bit more story. Granted the last 30 minutes or so had plenty of story, but now I wonder if it really did or if it was just heightened because of what came before. It is really all beside the point, though. This isn't a film about a story per se, it…

  • The Black Hole 2008

    Watched 10 Apr, 2014 6

    Updated Apr 16 2014:

    I've since seen this Looney Tunes cartoon, story by Sid Marcus, which shares too much with The Black Hole for Marcus not to be given due credit on story. I must therefore remove my 5 star rating.

    A fantastic short film whose topic is perfect for its 2 minute length. A man awakens from the hum drum of photocopying to discover a magical photocopy that will allow him to finally live the life he's always wanted.

    See it here

    Thanks for posting that review Steve!

  • The Awful Truth 1937

    ★★ Watched 05 Apr, 2014 6

    I should probably remove my 2 star rating since I stopped the film 1 hour in, but I will not. I will not because it will be my record of my initial impressions of the 3/4 of the film that I saw.

    My biggest mistake, I think, was going in expecting a screwball. My 2nd mistake was seeing it right after Bringing Up Baby. At least I didn't also watch His Girl Friday before this one. At least there is…

  • Dredd 2012

    ★★ Watched 04 Apr, 2014 15

    I've never ever used my phone in a cinema, but I did this time. Ok, so it was my home theatre, and I was alone, but try as I might I couldn't remain invested in this film. I can pat myself on the back though because there were only 15 or so minutes left when I finally checked mail, considered playing a quick game of Euchre, and finally jotted down a quick review that I used for notes. There wasn't…

  • Great Expectations 1946

    ★★★½ Watched 31 Mar, 2014

    I'll admit that I am not the biggest fan of large-scale epics that span decades or generations. I particularly dislike the big scores that accompany them. There are exceptions, of course, but I always have to overcome an initial ick factor.

    David Lean is one of if not the master of such films, and for the most part I've enjoyed his sweeping dramas once I get over my initial reactions. I thought his entire body of work consisted of epics,…

  • Eternity and a Day 1998

    ★★★★½ Watched 30 Mar, 2014 11

    I will not attempt to review this film after a first viewing. All I can do is jot down a few impressions I had while watching, which will not make sense to anyone, but will remind me of the film.

    The film consists of a series of beautifully orchestrated and choreographed tableaux.

    It sings to those who long for something, that deep longing, like a force of nature, that guides one without making itself known.

    It speaks to those who…

  • Seven Days 2010

    ★★★ Watched 28 Mar, 2014 14

    We are never going to resolve the revenge question. It always comes down to eyes and cheeks: does one take an eye or give a cheek. The rest, systems of justice that try to navigate the in-between, religions that might come down hard on one side or another, these are supposed to act as restraints in some way, taming our vengeful nature. And they do, for the most part, when it isn't personal.

    When someone rapes and kills one's 8…